Made in Scotland

Application for business use

The university was donated the company Made in Scotland Limited and the associated trademark in 2019. With the approval of the donors, Kathleen Hardie and Derek Reid, businesses can apply to use the mark on any goods or services they supply to customers providing the following criteria are met. If you are a graduate of the university, please use our Alumni form rather than this one.


  • The goods and/or services supplied comply with the university’s ethical policy
  • The goods and/or services are made in or supplied from Scotland
  • The mark will be awarded for an initial period of three years and then reviewed
  • The use of the logo is consistent with the brand guidelines which will be given on award
  • The university may publicise all awards that it makes


Fees for the use of the mark are as follows (using Scottish Government business size definitions – for example, a micro business has a turnover or balance sheet value of up to £1.8M and ten or less employees) :

  • Micro businesses – £50 per month
  • Small Businesses - £100 per month
  • Medium Businesses - £200 per month
  • Large Businesses - £500 per month

All fees are subject to VAT and will be payable monthly.

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We will not contact you with regard to anything else nor will we pass your data on to any third parties (subject to duty of care). Please see the university's privacy notice covering enquiries for further details.